Flinders Street Bastion

Melbourne CBD, Victoria

In the event of a catastrophic global disaster, humanity finds itself unprepared and unable to cope. Until we expand our horizons to the 'final frontier', we are limited to the resources and space present on Earth.

Flinders Street Bastion is a complex thought experiment which attempts to create an architectural solution to an apocalyptic scenario. Using the existing Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, a series of underground towers rise out of the ground, acting as mixed-use buildings in day-to-day life, and transforming into completely self-sufficient microcosms in the event of disaster.

Channelling precedents such as MVRDV's Metacity/Datatown, the parameters for sustaining human life were analysed and developed into an architecture able to sustain 2,500 people indefinitely. It was particularly important that the space always served a purpose during normal use, yet could easily transform into an impenetrable fortress.