Embed the Urban Fabric

Redfern, NSW

The Redfern Start-Up Community Centre seeks to create an environmentally sustainable community space deeply embedded into the fabric of its surrounds. Two structures, which house adaptable spaces for start-up offices and commercial frontages, flank the site on either side, creating a semi-enclosed space within.
These outer “walls” are integral to the scheme as they address social sustainability - providing affordable, transient spaces to be inhabited by the community; and economic sustainability - providing income to maintain the structures, courtyards, and meeting house.

The proposed community centre is situated in a quieter location in the suburb of Redfern, offset from the busier streets and shopping frontages. Through a combination approach, the proposal aims to both engage with not only the street frontages on either side, but also with the concealed courtyard and meeting hall spaces which sit within.

Group Member: Victor Li