The Eyrie

Darlington, NSW

The Eyrie is a low-cost student housing complex consisting of ten vertically stacked units, each housing between 5 and 7 students. Units are divided by a large communal courtyard space. The northernmost building consists of three storeys with a rooftop garden whilst the southern building consists of four storeys and
are spaced apart to ensure solar access to both structures during the year. 

The proposal has evolved around environmentally and socially sustainable principles, whilst finding a balance between
the maximisation of student occupancy and the comfort of the inhabiting students. Through its efficient use of the space provided
and a focus on passive design tailored to Sydney’s warm temperate climate, The Eyrie maintains spacious internal study-bedrooms,
interconnected communal spaces intended to foster a sense of community, and a large, central, external living area.

Group Members: Jordan Murray | Nishanth Saha