Moort Bidi "family track"

Camperdown, NSW

Moort Bidi is a structure proposed to be used for the Gathering for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Convention 2018 in Sydney.
The design must take into consideration the impermanence of the structure and accommodate up to 2,500 people; thus, a large temporary/demountable structure was deemed necessary.

The form draws on the idea of overlap and connection between Indigenous clan members, with the aim of bringing a community of people together through an axis of movement across the site. The structure is composed of 13m wide bays on a suspended platform, supported by adjustable jacks. Steel trusses and columns function as its primary structural basis, with steel ties and purlins employed as secondary structural elements. Lightweight polycarbonate panels clad the structure, allowing traces of movement and light to be deciphered from within. The identical bays allow for a degree of structural efficiency, minimizing the need for custom member sizes. This also allows for ease of assembly and a simple, modular method of construction whilst achieving a fluid architectural form.

Group Members: Bronwyn Lee | Manhwai Ly | Daniel Boesen Nolan | Tang Lin Rong Ron | Amanda Zhang | Keira Zhang | Nan Ding