Kensington, NSW

“The kind of place which is most closely suited to one person’s needs is a place of the utmost simplicity, in which only the bare bones of necessity are there: a place, built like a ploughshare, where every corner, every table, every shelf, each flower pot, each chair, each log, is placed according to the simplest necessity, and supports the person’s life directly, plainly, with the harmony of nothing that is not needed, and everything that is.”

- Christopher Alexander et al., A Pattern Language

Metabolist architect Kisho Kurokawa coined the term homo movens to refer to the ‘man on the move’, to express the importance of mobility in the 19th century. Novus Homo Movens (the new nomadic man) is a reinvention of this concept:, a 21st century archetype for those who wander yet still need a place to call home. This project provides highly dense yet high-amenity housing to 272 residents in clusters of 5-8 dwellings with communal areas. Each private ‘capsule’ measures 4.8 x 2.7m internally.