New Wahroonga Scout Hall

Wahroonga, NSW

The proposed New Wahroonga Scout Hall facility seeks to create a multipurpose space which fits into the surrounding landscape. The predominantly timber building is suspended above the ground to bring the floor level in line with the adjacent Warwilla Avenue. The interior of the building consists of one large open multi-purpose space with a basketball court, and smaller partitioned spaces for services and storage.

The form and construction of the proposed building has been influenced considerably by a desire to produce an environmentally and socially sustainable public space. The principles of passive systems in light and wind have been considered in conjunction with Sydney’s warm temperate climate and the microclimate of Wahroonga. As a result, the Scout Hall aims to minimise the need for active cooling, heating and lighting systems, offsetting the carbon footprint of the building and improving its long term functional sustainability.

Group Members: Jacqueline Monteiro | Nishanth Saha